Friday VIP 6p-7:30p Rehab Walkthrough Middletown (address will be mailed)
Saturday 8:30a-5:30p
Saturday VIP Dinner 6p-8:30p
Sunday 8:30a-4:30p

Remember, It’s WHAT You Know AND It’s WHO You Know!

Remember, it’s not just what you know, it’s also who you know!

That’s why this event is set up to introduce you to everyone in the room on day one.

Network with the professionals you need for your business success! These folks understand our business and you can consult with them right on the spot:

  • Lenders
  • Credit restoration
  • Construction Material Suppliers
  • Contractors, Stagers, Property Managers
  • Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance agents
  • Meet new partners, do more deals, and cash bigger checks.
  • Rehabbers and apartment owners who want to buy your deals
  • Real Estate Agents and marketers who can bring you
    money-making properties

Discover why NOW is the best time to buy real estate in CT and New England … and what you can lose if you wait.

Spend 2 1/2 days immersed with CT REIA and the CT REIA Coaching Team, with the latest, most important systems to grow your real estate business, transform your marketing, revolutionize your deal making and dramatically increase your net worth this year.

Get the market update to discover the best real estate  opportunities in New England/New York for the next 12  months.

New to real estate?

Learn from successful wholesalers, rehabbers, apartment owners as they share real local deals so you can model their success!

Even if you are just wondering whether stocks or real estate is better, this weekend is for you.

Been in the business and ready to pick up new skills?

Hear cutting-edge strategies that you can add to your strategy toolbox

Discover new sources of funding that are becoming available right now! Meet actual lenders and apply for funding.

“Every time I go to a CT REIA training, I pick up a new phrase or strategy or connection that makes me $1000s of Dollars!”

G. Abraham

Transform Your Business Life!

The Entrepreneurs who gather for CT REIA Real Estate Investing Expo 2018 will range from simple startups to large rehabbing and apartment businesses.

There will be real estate investors, rehabbers, apartment owners, real estate agents, appraisers, and everyday people looking to buy their first home or first investment property, private money partners, financiers, developers… the list will go on and on…

AND they will have one thing in common:

Our attendees have the focus, commitment and vision to understand the power of two days immersed Real Estate Investing Training and Success. They wouldn’t miss this life-changing event for anything. They’ll travel from all over New England and New York.


Zack Childress

4 Ways To Wholesale

Reggie Brooks

Turn Vacant Houses into Off-Market Deals

Chris Johnson

Get Free Money For Real Estate, Business, Education

Linda Baumgarten

Buying Apartments and Single Family Houses Using None of Your Own Money

Ron Faraci

Is $1 Million a Lot of Money?

Mark Valenti

Run Your Real Estate Like A Money-Making Business


How To Negotiate Like a Pro


Rehabbing: Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget

Ted Lanzaro

How to Make Money with the IRS!

Rehabbing and Apartment Panel Discussions

Expert Panel on... Finding Deals....

125+ Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Rehabbers, apartment owners, wholesalers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, contractors.

Official Sponsors & Partners

Check Who Makes This Event Possible!

Why You Should Bring Your Colleagues and Key Family Members

It is essential that your colleagues understand the strategies you’re going to be discovering at Expo 2018 because they are essential to your success. Getting your real estate agents, contractors, mortgage brokers, and real estate professionals on board with you will help you find more of the right deals, save money on construction, and get your properties sold faster!

You are strongly encouraged to bring your key family members to the event as well. It’s so important to get the support from your family that we allow you to bring one family member as our guest for free!

There is no better feeling when you are succeeding together with you family members. The reason you want to be a business success is so you can better take care of your family. Let them be part of your growth! You’ll be an unstoppable team!!


Friday VIP 6p-7:30p Rehab Walkthrough Middletown (address will be mailed)
Saturday 8:30a-5:30p
Saturday VIP Dinner 6p-8:30p
Sunday 8:30a-4:30p

Get Your Ticket Now

Our Guarantee

Your remarkable Guarantee that means coming to Real Estate Investing Expo 2018 will effectively cost you nothing.

At CT REIA, we believe so passionately that this weekend is absolutely essential to your success of buying an investment property, buying a home, or expanding your business that we are willing to offer you the following very unusual guarantee:

If, at the end of Day 1 of the Conference, before dinner break, you have not DEFINITELY captured new information, specific how-to strategies, examples and contacts that you can easily go home with and acquire a property in the next 12 months or faster, and you feel disappointed about attending, you can choose not to complete the Expo, depart the hotel, and we will REFUND THE ENTIRE CONFRERENCE FEE back to you!

So, reserve your place now because you have absolutely nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain!

PS In 14 years, no one has EVER asked for a refund!


Hotel & Travel

CT REIA Real Estate Investing Expo 2018 Happens at the

Marriott Hotel
(formerly Four Points Sheraton)
 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

Stay at the Hotel and Enjoy More Networking! One of the very best things about attending the Expo is the opportunity to network with attendees, vendors and experts!


Located in the center of Connecticut, easily accessible by car, at the intersection of Route 15, I-91,
and I-691
5 miles from Amtrak (Hartford Line) Station:
4.3 miles from Bus Station
45 minutes from Bradley (BDL) Airport/
FREE Parking