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Negotiators make the most money

Grab your tablet or your pen/paper as you discover a simple
yet powerful negotiation strategy within in 15 minutes!



  • The 7 Best Ways to Find Great Deals in Today’s Market
  • A direct pipeline to bank foreclosures, both residential and commercial
  • The cutting Edge Strategy of mortgage resets

How would your financial picture change if you flipped two or three houses and put $20k – $30k in your bank account in the next 3 months?

It’s time to stop making excuses and take back your financial future. Sign up tonight and we’ll work together to change your financial future and put cash in your pocket in the next 3 months.

Oh…You’re Skeptical? That’s Right.
But You’re Also Smart and Make
Wise Decisions, Right?

“I’d buy up a couple hundred thousand single-family homes if
I could. Real estate’s a very profitable investment right now.
With mortgage rates at historic lows, people can make easy money
on rental income and appreciation.”

Ryan Biddiscombe

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    • What worked yesterday, won’t work, or won’t work as well, in today’s unique marketplace. You need to know ‘in the trenches,’ specific steps to seize this unique opportunity.


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    • There’s nobody else in this area, in the U.S., in the world, with more working experience and expertise in building profitable real estate portfolios and building sustainable real estate wealth in the New England market than CT REIA. We’re the experts you need!


    • We’ve called in big favors from people in high places to assemble an all-star team of expert investors and presenters who will help you create your personal master plan, based on your experience level and resources. We’ve twisted their arms to give you the best training available. As a VIP attendee, you will receive incredible FREE Bonus Gifts from the trainers and other sources that you can implement right away!


    • The WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY that’s currently open WILL close; and it’s happening daily. There is time, but you must attend this event in order to take advantage of the market conditions over the next 12 – 24 months. We’ll show you exactly what to do, step by simple step.


  • Because we are confident in your ability to take what we equip you with and go out and create real, sustainable, life-changing income and build greater net worth, we’ve made a 100% Double Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to essentially attend the entire seminar risk-free! So you can ‘test-drive’ the entire EXPO without risking a single red cent.