How To Negotiate Like a Pro

CT Expert Negotiator

  • Know The Perfect Words
  • Prepare Correctly For Negotiation
  • Create a Game Plan

Could You Use An Unlimited Supply Of Money To Do All The Residential And Commercial
Deals You Can Find?


  • How to get all the money you need to buy single-family houses, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, or luxury homes
  • Good Credit is NOT Required
  • Build Credibility
  • Generate Leads
  • Secure Private Lenders
  • Buy/Sell Property
  • How to pre-screen your prospects and the “Magic” words to get them to commit
  • Scripts you should use when talking to people you know, their voicemails, and/or referrals
  • Why these 4 commonly used types of financing can cripple your real estate business and how to stay away from them
  • How to do all of this with no monthly payments