Ron Faraci

Is $1 Million a Lot of Money?

Would you rather have $1 Million in your bank? Or just two six-families?
Should you invest in Connecticut? Or is the grass greener somewhere else?
Discover how to use demographic data to determine where to invest
How to use rental properties without going to the bank
Can you really use real estate to replace a 6-figure income salary?

Whether you are broke and have bad credit,
Or you are making a high 6-figure income but are tired of the rat race,
Be sure to attend this workshop to start creating your journey to financial freedom.


“In 2007 I joined CTREIA as a newbie landlord with only a 2-family under my belt. Through all of the Coaching and Training we gained at CT REIA, my wife and I embarked on our journey to financial freedom. Many many rental units later we both were able to quit our corporate jobs and enjoy a life that we only dreamed about just a few years earlier. Without CTREIA that simply wouldn’t happen. Period. It is with deep humility and much excitement that I look forward to sharing my experience in this special workshop so that you too can have financial freedom and live the love you love.”