Zack Childress

4 Ways To Wholesale

Zack Childress Expo Webinar

Zack is a best selling author, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, family man, and philanthropist. He has been features in many books and articles, interviewed many times, and has been on lots of panels of experts at live events around the country. Zack still actively invests in real estate in 7 different markets, including his home town of Huntsville, AL. Every day, Zack and his team are looking for inventive ways to improve the automation of his business systems and the investing strategies that he will be sharing with you tonight.

Zack started his career as a real estate investor over 8 years ago. Zack is one of the few investors who have successfully maneuvered through the housing crash and come through it with a completely automated business that generates a full 5-figure income each and every month! Zack Childress, aka Mr. Automation, is one of the leading experts on automating your real estate business and virtual investing.

Zack will also show you 5 crucial steps to success, so that you can wholesale successfully in today’s market:

– The key to understanding your market with Market Research

– The hidden truth about Market Segmentation and why you need it

– The 4 major Wholesaling Strategies that you need to be doing now

– The different types of Marketing that have to be done

– What approach are you doing and why it isn’t working

– The secrets to negotiation and how to have a 3 step process

– How just having cash buyers will take you broke and how to find the other types for your wholesaling business

– The easy to follow step by step approach to finding the other buyers

– The art that everyone forgets about when it comes to Closing The Deal

You will see how to use strategies to get yourself out of the grind and automate your business, while implementing new ways to invest that work in today’s market. You will also see how to put everything into a system that is streamlined and works for you, not against you.

He will show you why the old school way of investing no longer works and also:

– How to Analyze your deals step by step so you don’t make a $10,000 mistake

– Mastering the art of making offers and how to get them accepted more time then not

– How to set up a buyer campaign for all 6 types of buyers need in your new game plan

– What market pieces to use and how to use them to target your buyers

– How to find the right buyer for each of your deals not just cash buyers

– How to get the buyer to the table and how to put together a buyer package for that buyer

– Going over Wholesaling 101

Who is Zack Childress?

Stop right now and count the number of investors that you know who generate 5-figures each month without lifting a finger. I’ll bet that they all fit on one hand.

Now, with that same hand, count the investors who thrived during the housing crash of ‘08. Is that number getting smaller?

Let me introduce you to someone I trust and respect that has done all this: Mr. Zack Childress.

Zack is highly respected in the Real Estate industry and has been indorsed by one of the Sharks from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington.He’s been sharing his message for over 10 years. He is a bestselling Author and has been on ESPN radio for Business and more Talk.

Zack specializes in teaching investors how to get started and how to grow their real estate investing business. It’s not just about buying and selling, but market segment and marketing to find leads, too!

Zack is one of the few investors to have successfully maneuvered through the housing crash and come through it more successful than most. He mastered the craft of investing in the bad markets and the good markets and that comes with years of experience.

Zack Childress is the leading expert in the real estate and virtual investing business.He’s mentored students and has consulted all over the USA and all over the world to those who seek him out to learn the secrets to investing in Real Estate for big profits.

His students call him the “REAL” Real Estate Mentor because he’s an active Real Estate Investor doing it every day.Zack has an investment company which has been successfully operating for over 15 years and has been able to expand his activities from starting as a wholesaler to being able to move through all 4 tiers of investing to give him a truly Passive Cash Flow life now.

He has also branch out to use skills from starting his Investing Business to other ventures.. He has started, Bought, and sold over 35 companies in the last 15 years.

He never stops creating new ways to maximize his returns by all ways looking for the most effective and most profitable way to do and deal.

Zack believes that all successful businesses must not only have systems in place in order to succeed, but also it’s very important to have someone to help you 1 on 1 to get started.