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“Everything I learned, I learned through CT REIA. It’s a
cool thing, I’ll never go back to the corporate world
ever…ever…ever…ever…ever!!!! I love being my own

Janice LaBroad
Owner of Cardinal Home Investors, LLC, and
Associate Partner at Keller Williams Realty

I was in the corporate world for many years as a CFO.

I have always had an interest in real estate, but never wanted to become a realtor, because I didn’t want to give up my paycheck and day job. I took a 3-day real estate seminar and the instructor said, “go join your local REIA.”

I went to Google and searched for CT REIA. I expected to walk into a room of 10 people. I was blown away when I walked into the monthly meeting with well over a hundred people.

I had a lot of fear in the beginning. but once I took my first step and got my first deal, there was no stopping me! Then, my job was moving across country, and I had to make a choice.

I chose to jump into real estate with both feet and make it happen!

I now have 24 units throughout western Mass and CT. I do a lot of rent-to-owns, and owner-financing strategies. I’ve grown my business by borrowing from private lenders. I’ve been able to give them a good return on their money, while growing my real estate acquisitions. It’s a win-win situation.

I’m building my retirement and passive income. I’ve had a few bumps along the road, but without the mentoring, I wouldn’t be here.

Everything I learned, I learned through CT REIA. It’s a cool thing, I’ll never go back to the corporate world ever…ever…ever…ever…ever!!!! I love being my own boss, I like CT REIA, and I promote it to quite a few people. It’s a great place to start because to be here in the networking, learn from other people’s mistakes, and the mentoring, and Joanne, Lou, and Linda really care about their students and are local people that help.

Ryan Biddiscombe
Owner of RYCONN, LLC

“I’ve Made Deals That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without
CT REIA’s Network: Partnering, Wholesaling, and Attracting Deals
from Different Members.”

The number one benefit of joining CT REIA has been the networking; being part of an association with other active investors of all levels. I also enjoy the continued learning of different topics, whether it’s specific or staying up to date with market trends.

I can say I’ve definitely meet some of my direct partners working closely with CT REIA, and I’ve definitely made deals that wouldn’t have happened without their network.

I’ve been to the Expo two times. Again because the Expo is a bigger event, it’s a great chance to meet other investors that may not be there at the smaller meetings. And the annual Expo covers what’s currently working, motivating you to take action.

The Expo exposes you to a lot of strategies and other valuable information. Then you can decide which direction you are going to pursue. It’s a great way to meet contacts as investors or other members of your team such as attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, and contractors. You’re going to want to have these people close at hand.

If you’re just starting out you can really get a lot of the initial information and contacts really efficiently. There’s resources to help you grow and take the next step. They’re always trying to have a blend of experts coming in and have knowledge for all levels. It’s an easy first step with the price point and how welcoming they are.

“I Saved A Lot Of Money In The Process Because I Didn’t Make
Beginner Mistakes. CT REIA Provides So Much More Information
Than Other Coaching Programs. The Coaching Program Is Way
Better Than Any Other Program I’ve Ever Taken.”

Linda Spiewak
CEO and Founding Partner at EMB
Investment Properties, LLC

A coach suggested I connect with a local Real Eastate Investors Association. CT REIA is full of great information and a wonderful association. Their coaching program is better than any other program out there.

It really is such a great REIA and probably one of the best in the country from what everyone tells me. They’ve supported me by giving me belief in myself, believe in the business, support, hints, and suggestions.

They provide so much information. More than the other coaching programs I did. They’re there with you every step of the way and whatever you need they’re there to help you, teach you and train you, and give you the information you need to be successful.

I saved a lot of money in process because I didn’t make beginner mistakes. I stay connected, meet people in the industry and pick something up at every meeting. There’s so much information coming at every meeting that I can’t grasp it all, but you remember it when it comes up in your business.

CT REIA’s programs are also very affordable and take you step by step. It’s a matter of face-to-face support versus coaching calls and webinars. This is right in your own backyard, dealing with issues in CT. Other programs doesn’t provide the local market intelligence. These are people in the same marketplace dealing with the same issues you are.

I just love how I’m connected to other people in the marketplace. That’s a vital part of any business. Plus Coach Linda, JoAnne, and Lou are more than just mentors. They’re caring people and I’ve made new friends for life. The Coaching Program and the REIA are really such an incredible gift they’re giving.

“It’s Been A Great Support Base For Me As An Individual And As
a Woman. At CT REIA, I Made Very Good Connections, Shared
Best Practices, Found Profitable Deals, Networked with Other
Professionals, Etc.”

Cecilia Faraci
Northeast Business Development Manager for Intuit,
graduate student of the CT REIA coaching program

I’ve been a member for a couple years now. I joined with my husband and was looking to network and grow our rental base. The best way to do that is through networking and meeting with like-minded people. CT REIA is a very good association where we can connect with people and partner with and get leads.

I’ve even made personal friends. It’s a great support base as an individual and as a woman. CT REIA provides a platform of people to network with, get ideas, share best practices, good deals, etc. It’s very good to make those connections on personal and professional basis.

I took the CT REIA Fast-Track Coaching class and one of our very successful deals is tied directly to that training. We’ve learned:
• The art of the deal.
• Creative financing.
• How to approach the value of a property.
• How to negotiate a price on the property to see if it’s profitable.
• What’s the best price for it.
• And anything else that we needed to become successful.

CT REIA has the biggest support base in the area. There isn’t another organization of this stature that has a networking and support base in the tri state area.

Laura Abbott

Grandma Buys Houses, White Plains, NY

“If you’re interested in becoming a real
estate investor then join CT REIA to
have the knowledge and information.”

As a single mother of 5, and grandmother of 1, I was looking for a way to support my family. I had been attending my local Real Estate Investor Association and was not impressed. I kept hearing wonderful things about CT REIA. Even at events across the country, people would talk about CT REIA. So I figured it was time to check them out.

However, I live in White Plains NY, so it’s a big of a schlep to get to the meetings. It’s about 1.5 hours away but it’s worth it.

It’s wonderful to connect with other people in the business. It’s nice to see how they’re making it work.

Often, When I worked at a job, I would have to drop my work to take care of my home. But now that I rehab houses, I can take care of business and my family both. I have freedom of choice and peace of mind.

Why is education and training so important? When I go to my work sites, some contractors think they can take advantage of me … especially since I am a woman. Being educated by the CT REIA Coaching Program works to my advantage. I know what I need to know about materials and construction so I can outwit them if need be … and I know how to negotiate the best job for the best price.

If you’re interested in becoming a real estate entrepreneur, then join CT REIA to have the knowledge and information you need to be successful.

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