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75% of Americans approaching retirement have
less than $30,000 in their retirement accounts

There’s no safer way to invest your hard-earned money and build a secure future than in real estate.

Never Mind Your Skill Level,
We’ll Take You ‘As Is’

Whether you’re a millionaire investor or you just aspire to become one, we can help you. Whether you’re a brain surgeon, high-profile attorney, carpenter or janitor, we can help you. Whether you have $500,000+ in liquid assets or less than a grand to invest, we can help you. Whether you grasp new concepts and information rapidly or very slowly, we can help you change your life, build sustainable cash-flow and take greater control of your investment and retirement future than you ever have before.

We’ve helped numerous people with little knowledge in the industry, start making money as successful real estate investors quickly. You’ll get to bypass all the beginner mistakes and learn from amiable and approachable experts. To ensure your success, we’ve planned everything, meticulously. We will show you proven systems you can put into action and watch your financial picture brighten.

Just look at this astonishing statistic, “75% of Americans approaching retirement in 2010 had less than $30,000 in their retirement accounts,” according to Teresa Ghilarducci, a professor of economics at the New School for Social Research. If you plan to retire from your regular career one day, you want to make sure your money’s invested wisely, safely, and producing cash-flow.

You can NO longer stick your head in the sand. YOU need to take control of your financial future and invest into real estate; something you understand, control and something the average, everyday person earns higher Return On Investment than any other investment option in the world.

A couple had acquired $1 million in savings and that was going to generate $50,000 a year in their retirement. We did not want to work our entire lives to then have to live on $50,000 a year. We chose real estate, instead.

“Within 2 years of that decision, we generate over $60,000 a year in passive income – not including W-2 deductions and property appreciation – with only 40% of the money that couple had saved. Now I have retired from my corporate job and started my own business as a real estate broker and property manager . Thank you CT REIA for changing our lives.”

Cecelia Faraci, Middletown, CT

We’ve helped THOUSANDS Of People Break Into and
Achieve Success In Their Real Estate Careers. In Fact, We’ve
Helped Make Quite A Few Millionaires

Even our successful investors attend our EXPO because of the valuable networking opportunities. They also enjoy the atmosphere of being around a great group of positive people who’ve decided to take their financial freedom into their own hands.


Real Estate Investors

Who want to understand current market conditions, trends and investing alternatives.

New Real Estate Investors

Who need to quickly build a professional team of experts.

Experienced Real Estate Investors

Who want to learn advanced investing & financing techniques.

Landlords & Rental Property Investors

Who want to increase occupancy rate, cut costs and increase profits.


Who wants to build a solid, profitable and prosperous real estate investment portfolio.

Business Owners

Who want to build a new income stream.


Who want to turn your skills into quick profits and long term wealth instead of making money for others.


Looking to find deals, find the money, meet wholesalers and real estate agents, discover state-of-the-art design strategies.

Real Estate Wholesalers

Who want to get up-to-date marketing tips & meet rehabbers and apartment owners who want to acquire more real estate.


Wondering if Real Estate is a viable investment vehicle for you?

You will find out during this weekend.



Who Should
Attend ?